The Inspiration

We were looking for the perfect fitted luggage for classic cars and we could not be satisfied. So we decided to design travel bags ourselves. The expressive 60s & 70s era inspires us and our designs emulate the interior of the sportscars from this era which we have come to cherish, especially the Early Porsche 911. That's how the Haendel luggage was born.

Brand Insights

The 60s and 70s were about freedom and expressiveness and you find that in the, often excentric, design of the sports cars of that time. They were an object of art in themselves. And being a race car driver in those sports cars was the epitome of freedom and excitement. These were great years for Dutch racing and Dutch drivers achieved successes in both formula and GT classes. At that time, the race cars could be recognised on track by their national colors. The centuries old symbolic orange colour merged with state of the art designs applied to sportscars. Our use of orange for the interior of the bags is a metaphore: Orange Inside the luggage, orange at heart. Your companion. Your travel bag is an inseparable companion on every trip. It's witness to the way you handle your car over mountain passes or along winding provincial routes. The Haendel bag is there during your new experiences and every time you pick it up, it brings back great memories. It begs you to go out and make some more....

Design Context

We derived 4 main design features from the grand touring inspiration:

Three holes. The key design feature is the shape and material of the handles. The handles of the luggage are inspired by a lightened sports steering wheel, with its characteristic hole pattern.

Classic car seat theme: Executed in premium leather and seat center materials. Just as they were used in the day: perforated leather, tartans, Pepita and Pascha patterned textiles.

Bonnet straps: As they were used to tie down the front lid of race cars. The strap is used to shore up the top of the bags and it returns in most of the carrying straps.

Orange coloured, finest suede lining. Orange is the colour of happiness, freedom and individuality; it is our national (racing) colour. For centuries it has stood for freedom of expression and liberty to be oneself. Break the mold, so to speak. When you drive your sportscar and carry Haendel products, you are celebrating all those themes.

Haendel products are designed to be both practical and to kindle the passion of (classic) sportscar connoisseurs. The designs are different, yet alike.....


December 2013


Soledad Cordova and Leonard Stolk discuss the idea of sports car inspired luggage. They have been taking road trips in their 1970 Porsche 911 for years and have never found appealing luggage which perfectly fits the parcel shelf of this iconic car. The wild idea of creating their own designs and going to market is born.

March 2014


The first sketches of the Grand Weekender make it onto paper during a rail trip from Toronto to Montreal. The design insight is that a bag resembling the interior of classic sports cars allows owners to take a piece of their favourite car with them, wherever they go. The choice is made for a combination of materials used in the 60's and 70's to decorate sports interiors.

April 2014


The idea of using a steering wheel inspired set of handles is born. No other premium luggage manufacture applies serious design to the handles of their travel bags. The three hole design and radius angle of the uprights is converted into a technical drawing and design-patented.

September 2014


The designer couple travels to the South of Spain to meet with potential suppliers. They landed on a manufacturer with generations of experience in the art of fine leather goods production and dealing with only the top design houses. The company relies on artisanal skills which it actively teaches to younger generations of workers. Soledad and Leonard gained the conviction that production could not be in better hands.

March 2015


After several iterations of design and creating dummy versions of the products the first batch of handles which characterise the design was manufactured in The Netherlands. A trusted instrument engineer, who also performs high accuracy work on car restorations, took on the challenge and delivered. The handles were shipped to the factory in Spain and the prototyping phase kicked off.

March 2016

The Name

The production preparations were in full swing, but there was no closure on the brand name for the luggage... On a long drive in Europe Soledad and Leonard applied proper focus and landed on the simple and distinctive name HAENDEL, a reference to their design of the handles. From thereon the logo was developed and passed to the factory for inclusion in the production process.